Diagnosis For All Vehicles

Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Repair

Is one of the lights on your dashboard flashing? Is your car giving you a fault message? If your car is giving you a continuous indication of a fault, there’s a problem with the system in question that you need to address to avoid permanent engine damage and costly repairs.  Parkhill Motors vehicle diagnostics and fault repair service will identify and resolve the potential problem by connecting your car to one of our Diagnostics Computers, read the code, and identify the fault.

We will carry out engine diagnostic checks to help pinpoint exact faults. This takes less time in the long run and will make sure you only pay for the work that really needs doing.

Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

We are able to diagnose all petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles.

With specialist computer equipment and the latest software updates, we are able to carry out engine diagnostics checks on all makes and models of vehicles.

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